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Aquatrac's Gone Green

By choosing an Aquatrac Cover you're already helping the environment.

With the useful life of your Aquatrac cover exceeding many others by up to Five times you are considerably reducing our impact on the environment.

When your cover finally needs to be replaced your old cover material will be recycled usually used for ground sheets, offered free to campers, builders and landscape gardeners.

Aquatrac covers reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% simply by preventing the colossal heat loss from an uncovered pool.  In addition the considerable reduction of the use of chemicals such as chlorine - contributes enormously to the fight against environmental damage.

At Aquatrac we go further in reducing and counter acting our carbon footprint by sourcing materials locally where ever possible.

In addition we research and implement environmentally friendly ways of producing the multitude of products that make up an Aquatrac cover.

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