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Technical Information

Aquatrac’s safety covers are suitable to provide safety for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Our tracks are manufactured from uPVC providing easy maintenance for the end user. The tracks and cover are incredibly strong even supporting the weight of a Rolls Royce so you can rest easy knowing that our cover will support the weight of your loved ones or animals if an accidental trip or fall was to occur.

Aquatrac is designed and manufacture in the UK so we provide an unrivalled support service where stock and spare parts are readily available at all times. Our components have been produced from quality materials and have been built to the highest of standards ensuring you of a long life product.

Aqua Ocean:
Our Aqua Ocean track is suitable for high quality under coping installation for new and renovated concrete shell swimming pool applications. Installed during the swimming pool construction or renovation stage, the track is built and fixed directly in to the wall fabric ensuring incredible strength and an unrivalled quality finish to your pool. The revealed track face is only 25mm in depth which conveniently matches the size of most swimming pool mosaic tiles offering a superior finish.

Aqua River:
The Aqua River track has been developed as a retrofit under coping track eliminating the need for removal of coping on existing pools. The track can also be set flush with the tile banding or be surface mounted directly on to the tiling.

Aqua Stream:
Surface mounted around the perimeter of a swimming pool, our Aqua Stream raised deck track is a fast fit option for both new and existing swimming pool applications. Compatible for concrete and liner pools, Aqua Stream is the fastest of the Aquatrac family to install. The Aqua Stream track design dimension of 75mm wide and 37mm high provides great strength ensuring your family of optimum safety.

Aqua Lagoon:
Aquatrac’s Aqua Lagoon provides an impeccable finish to your swimming pool surroundings. Well suited to any freeform shaped pools, this track is installed flush to floor level outside the perimeter of the pool coping and is compatible with all swimming pool applications. The flush track width is 45mm and is 55mm deep and is positioned in a slot cut out to three sides of the pool. The high impact uPVC track is available in various colours to suit paving and tile options. This track can be removed if paving or tiling colour are changed.

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