Housing & Enclosures

Most Aquatrac installations can be housed above ground or within a purpose built underground enclosure. There is also the possibility of positioning the mechanical parts within an adjacent room.

All of these options provide a quality attractive finish to your Aquatrac installation enabling essential access for servicing of mechanical parts.

Whether above or below ground, there are a number of options for finishes. The Aquatrac underground enclosure system can be finished to match any surrounding decoration.

Either simple decking and timber can be used or for a higher quality match, paving and tiles can be installed on top of our stainless steel access trays. Any of these combinations provides a high quality finish and full access to mechanical parts.

The Aquatrac above ground housing system is the only swimming pool cover housing to have its frame constructed from stainless steel. This in turn provides a lasting product with no rusting parts. There are a range of finishes to choose from including clad timber, timber composite or custom finishes to suit the surrounding decoration.

The Aquatrac above ground end caps provide a non rusting finish, weather proofing for mechanical parts and is available in any colour to match surrounding decoration.