Pool Covers

Aquatrac’s safety covers are suitable to provide safety for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Our tracks are manufactured from uPVC providing easy maintenance for the end user. The tracks and cover are incredibly strong even supporting the weight of a Rolls Royce so you can rest easy knowing that our cover will support the weight of your loved ones or animals if an accidental trip or fall was to occur.

Aquatrac pool covers are designed and manufactured in the UK so we provide an unrivaled support service where stock and spare parts are readily available at all times. Our components have been produced from quality materials and have been built to the highest of standards ensuring you of a long-life product.

Aqua Spa

Pool Cover

The Aqua Spa has been designed for all types of in ground Swim Spas, Jacuzzis and Hot tubs. Most commonly installed is the Aqua Ocean or the Aqua Lagoon cover model depending on spa choices.

Both cover model options provide a VIP experience, by the turn of a key, enabling you to exercise or simply relax in the comfort of your chosen environment.

The Aqua Spa Deluxe range, incorporates our specialist double spaced layer insulated cover material, the first of its kind, offering considerable energy cost savings.

Aqua Cascade

Pool Cover

Various track combinations can be used to accommodate infinity and deck level pools and the Aqua Cascade provides a credible safety option for this type of pool, plus keeping the pool clean and warm when the cover is closed.

The cover and roller mechanism can be installed above or below ground.

Aqua Lagoon

Pool Cover

Aqua Lagoon is the latest innovation in tracking for new or existing swimming pools of any shape.

Aqua Lagoon provides an impeccable finish to a swimming pool surround. It is particularly well suited to freeform shaped pools or pools with external roman bay steps.

The track is installed completely flush with your paving and is available in a choice of colours to match paving or tiling options. The track can be easily replaced with a new colour if paving or tiling is changed.

The cover roller and mechanism can be installed above or below ground, as with all Aquatrac covers.

Aqua River

Pool Cover

Aqua River has been developed as a retro fit under coping model. Equally it can be utilised on new pools such as liner pools where the installation can be simplified.

Aqua River eliminates the need for removal of copings on existing swimming pools. The track can also be set level with tiling, useful when only the tile band is being renewed or it can simply be mounted directly on to the face of the tiles below the coping.

Aqua Ocean

Pool Cover

Aqua Ocean is most suited to new or renovated rectangular swimming pools and is popular with both domestic installations, leisure centres and smaller commercial facilities.

The cover tracking is built into the side walls of the pool below the coping or edging tile and at only 25mm thick matches most swimming pool mosaics. The cover roller and mechanism can be concealed below ground in a pit or above ground in a housing.

The Aqua Ocean model provides the neatest cover system available, with colour choices for both the track and cover material. You can coordinate with any interior or exterior design.